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All the know-how, with all the how-to...

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Providing support for places and spaces since 2007

Plant Mirror Reflection

Let's create some spaciousness in Life this year

If you'd like to explore getting into the process of creating choices that allow richness, vibrancy, luxury with practical organisation, then let's talk!


Space to explore how it would feel to have easily accessible solutions.
Space to feel into your plans, to make those desires for harmony manifest.

A Holistic Feng Shui Assessment covers the space you're in and the Time you're living through now as well as future plans. It will also look at your essential energy matrix to discover and highlight your intrinsic strengths and help you overcome areas where you may be facing significant challenges.

Luxurious Home

It's about creating spaces to live in...

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Knowing you and
knowing your property



A comprehensive approach
to a year that flows with ease

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Easy to follow
plain language guides

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What clients say...

"Can't wait to enjoy the fruits of your labour with the AIG.  I really appreciate the effort you put in to putting them together each year and I know that is substantial."
"I have just read through it and I have always loved the way you interpret the stars. This year is no different."

Deborah Fay, Principal Publisher at MJL Publications
Author of '6 Keys to Happiness'

"I have had the immense pleasure of consulting Jannette for a Feng Shui reading of my home. I found her to bring magnificent vibrance, energy, and warmth into her work, and that even before applying skills, experience and considerable, intricate knowledge."

Miriam, Victoria, Australia

"From the moment Jannette walked through my door I felt I was in the right place with asking her for advice. Jannette made “suggested Feng Shui adjustments”. This sounds a little light, considering that the “adjustments” made such amazing changes to my life, and all within two weeks..."

Judith, Brisbane, Australia

"I’m loving your manuals and have just start learning about compass and flying stars;..."


Anna, New Zealand.

"I'm a distance student who purchased your Module 3 advance charting & interpretations to supplement my feng shui knowledge of Flying Stars a few years ago. I found your work to be fascinating, rewarding and easy to understand. "  

J. R. - Miami, Florida

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