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Authentic Flying Stars Feng Shui + Holistic Feng Shui Interpretation Library

Studying something that started over 3000 years ago can have it's benefits and drawbacks. For those who are just beginning it's so helpful to have a stack of easily accessible info to give your study breadth and insight. 

I've provided the free downloadable documents here because I found resources online that ended up being invaluable, and I was so grateful that someone had the generosity to put them up for me to find.

My intention is only to offer these resources in the same way and I sincerely hope that you also find them useful to your study.


Jannette Tibbs

Senior Holistic Feng Shui Practitioner

'How to use the Five Elements with Flying Stars Feng Shui' 

Table of Stars and Associations

What your Birth Number can tell you

Forecast for 2020 to 2024

'Why is money hemorrhaging out of my life?"

Key Qi Leaks and how to fix them

Bridge Over River
can you help me bridge a gap?

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