Holistic Therapy Connections is the home of unique and fundamental Feng Shui, using a combination of Flying Stars, Form and Compass, and Bagua techniques together, as they should be. This approach offers students and clients an opportunity to get the whole picture at once, without wading through layers of cultural information that is inherently irrelevant to the study of how energy moves in the landscape and with buildings, and how that affects the Life Experiences of humans. The two interests of Feng Shui and Organic Life Harmony align perfectly as they desire the same outcome of Harmony in all environments.


As a compulsive observer, I feel that my whole life has been a study of why things happen, how we as humans are affected by stimuli from other people, plants and animals, and, why the landscape and building we dwell in is so important to harmony in Life. I truly believe that the quality of our surroundings (landscape, building) has a direct and profound effect upon our well-being, our enjoyment of life and the way we feel about existing here and now. I also truly believe that the quality of what we consume is paramount too, which means not only food and water, but also things like entertainment, acquaintances, friendships, activities and more. There are also the connections we may have to the natural world, as part of a religion, or adherence to certain principles, that form a layer of energy that we immerse ourselves in throughout our daily life.


It is the magic of connection to the Divine in any form, and it is becoming increasingly hard for modern day humans to access enough to have a 'real connection' that is beneficial. This is 'The Cosmic Trinity' in Feng Shui theory. 'Heaven', 'Human' and 'Earth' Influences, combined in a balanced effort, produce a Life that flows with ease and harmony. So if you're following Feng Shui theory which tells you that tweaking your furniture or adding an ornament here and there is going to help everything, then I encourage you to step inside one of my Manuals and explore a richer and clearer version of what Feng Shui was meant to be...a study of the natural world and how we can get the most out of it.


Complimentary Therapies have always been a part of fundamental and traditional Feng Shui, which is simply a term for promoting the best possible energy in any space, whether it is an environment / landscape, building or body. Great quality energy, called 'Sheng Qi', is generated by natural and organic methods that are in harmony with the planet. Pollutants and toxins generate low quality energy, or 'Sha Chi'. Modern day toxins come in all shapes and sizes, and it is necessary for us to now take a closer look at the products we are using on our land, in our homes, on our bodies and in our bodies. Our world carries a toxic burden, and the more we can choose to relieve ourselves of the everyday toxic burdens the healthier we and the planet will become. With so many natural alternatives now on the market it is up to everyone to 'just make the choice' to be less toxic by using less synthetic products and more natural ones.


My interests range from gardening, meditation, yoga, drawing, and esoteric info of all kinds that make my Mind tick and whirrrrrrr. I home educate my children and live on the SE Coast of Queensland, Australia. 


I invite you to take a look at my website, MagicEarthMumma.com,  to view Holistic Skincare & Botanical Perfumery,...two of my other passions in life.


To begin furthering your knowledge of Feng Shui and Flying Stars, I encourage you to take a look at the Manuals for Beginners through to Advanced, and the Library of publications available for free download.

Blessings for beautiful Qi Flow, Health, Wealth and Harmony for all.


Jannette Tibbs

Senior Holistic Feng Shui Practitioner, Reiki II Practitioner, Bach Flower Therapist, Botanical Perfumer, Aromatherapy Practitioner.

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Jannette Tibbs 

Senior Holistic Feng Shui Practitioner