The Holistic Feng Shui Assessment Report

Understand the space you live or work in with a Holistic Property Assessment. Discover the invisible layers of energy that influence everyday occurrences and use this to tap into abundant universal support using Flying Stars Feng Shui techniques.

Release old patterns and clear energetic grids that may be holding you back from achieving improvement with any Life Aspect: Wealth, Health, Harmony or Happiness.

Feng Shui techniques can promote change and a new life experience filled with abundance, great health and peace.

(Now available on a four month payment plan)


The Personal Annual Influences Report

This service is designed to analyse, engage and solve your specific needs, using the energy influences that will manifest during the coming year. It's a customised solution that's client specific, working with your unique requirements personally and commercially. 

Available to book from September to December each year, this is a wayfinder's handbook of sorts, helping you to navigate the year ahead with ease and grace, alerted to potentials and with the advantage of being able to plan in advance.

Contact me to discuss your Personal Annual Influences Report.